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EFEST LUC V4 CHARGER (VERSION 2014) WITH power plug and car adaptor


Professional Li-ion/Ni-MH battery charger with four independant channels featuring three optional charging current (0.25A/ 0.5A / 1.0A)

  • Can charge up to four 10440/14500/14650/16340/17500/17670/18350/18500/18650/18700 or up to two 22650/25500/26650 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion batteries
  • Can charge up to four AAA/AA/A size Ni-MH batteries or up to 2 SC/C Ni-MH batteries

For the different types of batteries the XP4 adopts different charging methods:

  • For lithium ion batteries, XP4 adopts three-stage charging (TC, CC, CV)
  • For Ni-MH batteries, XP4 adopts pulse charging and 0△V,-△V judge method plus stopping charging when overtime and over voltage function

Charging Parameters:

  • Lithium batteries charging parameter: Input Power 12.0V DC/2.0A 0.25A CC Current 250±30mA 0.50A CC Current 500±50mA 1.0A CC Current 1000±80mA Cut-Off Voltage 4.2±0.05V USB Output Voltage 5.0±0.3V USB Output Current ≤1.0A 0.25A/0.5A cut-off current/TC current ≤60mA 1.0A cut-off current/TC current ≤100 mA Operation Temperature 0-40℃
  • Ni-MH batteries charging parameter: Input 12V DC/2.0A 0.25A Pulse charging current 250±30mA 0.5A Pulse charging current 500±50mA 1.0A Pulse charging current 1000±80mA Cut-off voltage 1.4±0.05 V Operation Temperature 0-40 ℃


  • 12VDC input via 100-240VAC input Australian approved AC Adaptor or 12/24VDC car adaptor
  • Soft-start current to avoid damaging batteries
  • High heat dissipation design
  • Made using fire resistant ABS shell
  • 0V low battery activation
  • Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection
  • Battery chemistry type recognition
  • For Ni-MH batteries, XP4 has the discharge function to repair the battery capacity
  • Features a built-in USB 1.0A output from Channel 4 when loaded with a charged Li-Ion battery for powerbank use. USB output has overload, short circuit, overheat and reverse-polarity protection plus stopping supplying when the battery has low voltage
  • Adopts PWM technology to control the high efficiency DC-DC circuit, lowers the voltage and reduce energy loss
  • 8 x LED display indicators
  • 2 year warranty


Warranty and guarantee: 

2 years implied warranty. 
3 months guarantee. 

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