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BLACK TOBACCO liquid, 10ml
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This Tobacco series includes the product range of all classic tobacco flavors. 


The flavors themselves originate to a large extent from the tobacco industry. The base is the same one as the FUEL liquids have, thus they are also perfect for the daily use.  

Every sort of this series keeps ready a unique taste experience for the tobacco wallowers. 

Ingredients of the base: 

- 55% propylenglycol (PG)

- 35% vegetable glycerine (VG)

- 10% distilled water (DW)


FUEL e-Liquids are made solely from the end-products of the german food and pharmaceutical industries. Our FUEL liquids are designed, produced and bottled by the manufacturer of high-class liquids  under sterile laboratory conditions with utmost care in Germany. The producer guarantees the highest purity degree of our liquids. 


The liquid base is made of propylenglycol (1.2 propanediol), pure vegetable glycerine and multiply distilled water. Optionally nicotine (tobacco extract) and flavors in various strengths and dosages can be added. The whole base as well as the nicotine additive comes from the pharmaceutical industry, whilst the flavors are solely food flavors originating from certified german producers. 


As an authorized partner of the leading german manufacturers of flavors we use only licensed flavors of the tobacco industry in the production of our liquids.

Our liquids do not contain diacetyl!


Besides the guaranteed high purity and quality our liquids delight its users with distinct, natural flavors, a fine vapor generation and a robust smoke feeling in all strengths.


The liquid base consists of 55% PG (propylenglycol), 35% VG (vegetable glycerine) and 10% water. The utilized propylenglycol and glycerine have a degree of purity of 99.6% and thus correspond to the highest standard.


The bottling proceeds under the quality standard of the food regulations through a fully automated filling with a laboratory technical equipment  and its tools. 


The utilized 10ml bottles for liquids are made of pharmaceutically approved PET-G and provided with childproof caps that are certified according to ISO 8317. 



Strengths of nicotine available:

- 0 mg / ml (without nicotine)

- 12 mg / ml

- 18 mg / ml


 For use with e-cigarettes.



Ingredients: propylenglycol 1.2 (LMQ / USP), vegetable glycerin, water (demineralized, non-pyrogenic), flavourings, nicotine (0mg e-liquid does not contain nicotine).


FUEL e-Liquids are not intended for consumption, do not ingest the liquids.

Keep FUEL e-Liquids out of reach of children and pets.


FUEL e-Liquids are not suitable for children and minors under the age of 18 (eighteen), non-smokers, people with allergies to nicotine and/or propylenglycol, pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with cardiovascular diseases. 


The use of e-Liquid FUEL is solely at your own risk.


Here you can find further information about the FUEL liquids (only german version available).