TOMCRAFT & TOWER Vol. 1 Liquid 30ml

€56,33 per 100ml


TOMCRAFT & TOWER Vol. 1 Liquid 30ml
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Tomcraft & Tower Vol. 1 Liquid 30ml (56.33EUR per 100ml)

FUEL Tomcraft & Tower Vol.1 Liquid 30ml  - Slight aroma of tobacco and rum.

The Tomcraft & Tower Series was developed in cooperation with the Munich DJs Tomcraft und Tower.



The 30ml Tomcraft & Tower liquids are delivered in glass bottles with childproof security caps equipped with a pipette.


Strengths of nicotine available:

- 0 mg / ml (without nicotine)

- 12 mg / ml

- 18 mg / ml


 For use with e-cigarettes.


As an authorized partner of the leading german manufacturers of flavors we use only licensed flavors of the tobacco industry in the production of our liquids.

Our liquids do not contain diacetyl!


Besides the guaranteed high purity and quality our liquids delight its users with distinct, natural flavors, a fine vapor generation and a robust smoke feeling in all strengths.


The bottling proceeds under the quality standard of the food regulations through a fully automated filling with a laboratoty technical equipment  and its tools. 


FUEL e-Liquids are not intended for consumption, do not ingest the liquids.

Keep FUEL e-Liquids out of reach of children and pets.


FUEL e-Liquids are not suitable for children and minors under the age of 18 (eighteen), non-smokers, people with allergies to nicotine and/or propylenglycol, pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with cardiovascular diseases. 


The use of e-Liquid FUEL is solely at your own risk.


For reasons of hygiene the e-liquids are excluded from return or exchange. 


Here you can find further information about the FUEL liquids (only german version available).